As you may recall, last summer the existing Colorado State Judicial Building was demolished to make way for the new Ralph Carr Judicial Complex.

Much has happened since then. There are now three cranes on site and the project is moving full speed ahead.

This is from the Denver Public Library on 13th and Broadway.

Ralph Carr 1

Even on the weekend there is still a lot going on. I caught a glimpse of both cranes moving steel beams and various materials at the same time.

Ralph Carr 6

The shorter section of the building has also started to break ground which will reach a total of 4 stories.

Ralph Carr 2

For a slight height perspective of the building so far, this was taken from a nearby 4-story parking garage. This section of the Judicial Complex will reach a total of 12 stories.

Ralph Carr 3

Just to give you an idea of how large this project is, it will occupy the entire block bounded by 13th, Lincoln, 14th and Broadway.

Ralph Carr 4