Over at DenverUrbanism, we recently launched a collaboration with UrbanDesignPodcast.com, a great podcast run by local urban designer Arina Habich. Once a week or so, Arina features a different podcast about planning, design, and other urban issues in Denver and other locations. DenverUrbanism will be coordinating with UrbanDesignPodcast.com once a quarter to focus on a timely Denver urbanism topic. Our first podcast collaboration with UrbanDesignPodcast was about the Union Station project and featured an interview with Anne Hayes from Union Station Advocates and Bill Mosher from the Denver Union Station Project Authority. You can listen to it here or download it from iTunes here (look for date March 4, 2011). Our next podcast will focus on the 14th Street Initiative and will be uploaded in early June.

Speaking of podcasts, I had the opportunity to be the guest on the Denver Diatribe podcast back in January. The Denver Diatribe, according to producers Joel Warner, Jared Jacang Maher and John Dicker, is a weekly podcast about “culture, politics and stuff as it pertains to Denver, Colorado and its environs.  The show was created in the summer of 2010 to fill a void in the local media landscape between hyper-partisan political talk on commercial radio and the agonizing stodginess of public radio.

For my first (and, hopefully, not last) appearance on the Denver Diatribe, we talked about fun stuff like the Denver mayoral race, FasTracks, and that proposed Walmart in Lakeside. To listen to that particular podcast, click here.