Back in November Ken posted renderings and information about the modernization of the Cesar Chavez Federal building. The old parking garage has since been demolished and work on the building has begun.

On this project there are two cranes being used as you can see in this picture. The crawler crane (right) is being used for the parking garage construction and the tower crane (left) is being used for the building.


The new parking garage is now 2-stories up. It will be a total of 7-stories.


The North side of the building’s curtain wall has started to be taken down. As you can see, temporary partitions are being installed since the building is open during the reconstruction.


For construction schedules, news and much more on this project, give their website a visit. This project not only will make this building better for the environment but will also compliment some of the new projects in the Civic Center area as far as visuals are concerned.