A lot of progress has been made with this particular project since I last did a post on it in late May.

The facade is crawling up the office tower quickly and the circular structure is set on the top as well.


The 4-story portion of the building now has the structure up for the rotunda which adds a whole new breath of life in the project.


Here’s looking at the same portion of the project from the ground on the corner of 14th and Lincoln Street.


An overall front view of the project.


On to the Broadway side, you can see the facade on the 4-story portion is almost to the top.


They were installing some of the glass today. It catches the eye a lot more being broken up versus one solid pane of glass.


On to the back side of the office tower, the facade is almost complete and you can now see the name of the complex above the rear entrance.


In my post back in April I took a picture of this project off my balcony. It has grown and changed since then and it fits in very will with its surrounding neighbors.


I see this project every day when I get home and it is quite a treat to see such fast progress. I’m looking forward to seeing what it will look like once the glass starts crawling up. Also if you look very carefully in that last picture you can see that CenturyLink has begun to make their mark on the Denver skyline.