It’s good to be home, albeit for a short time.

Andy Vuong and I got an inside look at the project last week. I will provide details of the tour over the next couple of days before I leave on another extended trip.

Today, we’ll start with a peek inside the bus terminal. Here is a series of photos taken of the covered portion of the terminal. The first photo was taken from the end of the terminal looking down one of the two bus lanes toward Union Station. The bright light at the end of the tunnel is the uncovered, newest section of the terminal. The second photo was taken of the passenger waiting area looking in the opposite direction. The overhead, natural light comes from the five skylights.



The first photo below is looking up through the air intake tower. The second is one of three mechanical rooms.



I’ve uploaded 18 photos of the tour to our Denver Union Station page at¬† I will write more about them in this blog tomorrow.