As time goes on, projects do not really change much from the outside as they near completion. This is a very true case with the Ralph Carr Judicial Center. However, there are some changes and some interesting angles that we haven’t yet seen of this wonderful development.

First, we will start out with the courthouse side. It looks like the stairs to the entrance are starting to be constructed and the columns are beginning to be unwrapped. One very unique, and great, feature is the grass roof on top of the courthouse. There aren’t many of these in Downtown Denver so it’s always very neat to see one.


Notice anything different when looking at the overall view of the Ralph Carr Judicial Center? No cranes. Cranes show a great sign of development but it’s only when they get taken down you can get the full effect of what the project will really look like. The hoist elevator has also been taken down from the office tower and has been sealed in. This will pretty much be what it looks like (unless there are more surprises on hand).


Here are a couple more angles of this development I took while photographing other projects. I really like the presence and feel of this project in our Civic Center district.


As a little bonus, I stepped out on my patio in April and noticed the big yellow crane was being taken down. Since it was a wonderful weekend day, I took many pictures and complied them into a sort of time-lapse. I didn’t have the idea at the time of using a tripod and making a legitimate time-lapse so it’s a little jittery but still a neat little video.