If you have been by City Park lately, you have probably noticed a red tower crane hanging out with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. There is an annex being built connecting to the museum. This is a five level expansion with two of the floors underground. This is how the breakdown will work. The two underground floors are going to be for the Rocky Mountain Science Collections, the ground floor will have science studios for schoolchildren, and the second floor will feature a science center for early learners. That leaves the top floor which will contain a new gallery for temporary exhibits. Life on Capitol Hill did a great article with the full details that can be found here. Renderings can be found here, and here courtesy of GH Phipps.

Now for some pictures! Given there are two sub-levels in this project, it is very hard to see what is actually going on down there. The fence wraps around very far outside the actual site but from general observation, it looks like an elevator core is rising and there is a gigantic hole where they are building the underground section (where the mobile crane is located).



One of the things I love about this museum is the park at its feet as well as the view of Denver from it. Here is a little bonus picture of that wonderful Denver view.

That little ‘crane forest’ is the St. Joseph’s expansion in Uptown which we will be covering in the next post or two!