Heading on over to the University of Denver / Observatory Park area, the new 11-story apartment development known as ‘One Observatory Park’ is coming along nicely.

When I took this picture they were working on the tenth story. This project reminds me of a smaller 2020 Lawrence. The shape looks very similar and are both very dominating on the blocks they are being built on.


The alley was completely repaved and cleaned up with this development. Cramped it may be, but alleys are a very important part of our urban fabric. On the right, you can see this building dominating the view behind a single family home. A very interesting contrast.


One Observatory Park is expected to finish the first half of 2013 providing the area with 213 rental units along with 25,000 square feet of retail. Even though this isn’t downtown, the University of Denver area is another nice little urban pocket a few miles out of downtown. Worth noting as well, this has a very close proximity to a light-rail station which is always a win for any development.