While riding the bus on my way home last night, I was thinking to myself: what really makes a city shine at night and what can Denver do to achieve this? One huge step in the right direction is lighting. Whenever there’s a newscast, sporting event, or special story on a city, the camera will always focus on well lit buildings. Nobody likes the look of dark boxes. My point? The new Ralph Carr Judicial Center is doing everything right. The lighting couldn’t be more perfect.

When Ken and I did the Inside the Infill tour over a year ago, I was told a secret I had to hold until it was visible to the public eye. “The lighting will make you stop in your tracks,” I was told. And sure enough, it did. (I haven’t enhanced these photos in any way. They are as close to the naked eye as I could get.)


The fences were recently taken down so its street presence is much more prominent, not to mention you can now get up close and personal to it.

The four main columns on the office tower are illuminated providing a great accent between the top and bottom.

Here is the 4-story court house. The city and county building will compliment Ralph Carr Judicial Center nicely when all the holiday decorations are up.

Given the lighting was not in the original renderings, I am very pleased on how well they fit this in. What do you think of the lighting feature?