Piggybacking off of Ken’s last Denver Union Station update, today we are going to look exclusively at Cadence‘s progress. The structure has topped out and is beginning to really take its true shape.

Installation of glass has begun and soon we will start to see what facade materials are going to be used. Judging by the renderings, we will most likely see more earth toned materials being used; somewhat like the RiverClay condos in Jefferson Park.

Now that Wewatta Street is open, we can finally get up close and see what the front of Cadence is going to look like. Notice that there are setbacks in the front and on all sides of the building. It is definitely nice to see that this isn’t going to be a generic box apartment building.

Here are two more angles with Cadence in the picture: the newly opened 17th Street Gardens and the Millennium Bridge. It will be great once all the lots around the 17th Street Gardens are filled, making it quite the urban passageway! Did you also notice that GE Johnson has cleared the 1601 Wewatta site? We will have some more details on that project later!

Cadence may look all alone in the open Union Station field but that won’t last for long. Right next door you have the proposed 1601 Wewatta project along with the proposed 16 Chestnut and the under-construction 1650 Wewatta project sandwiching it in. Cadence will soon be in the center of it all surrounded by buildings!