It’s been a while, almost a year, since we’ve headed over to Alameda and Cherokee to check out the construction of the Alta Alameda Station project. So what’s happened since our last update? Quite a bit! Let’s take a look!

Alta Alameda is a three-building development, each four stories tall. The building facing Cherokee, which contains the leasing office, is complete. The face of this building livens up this section West Alameda which has random driveways, confusing sidewalks, and is overall very automobile oriented.

There is a single driveway entrance to the property, fortunately in the back, with a single garage for parking that is wrapped with apartment units. Street parking is not permitted inside the property nor is there any surface parking giving this community a very urban feel.

The central courtyard is still under construction along with the new sidewalks that will wind around the buildings. Even though there is still construction activity, you can see, judging by bikes and furniture on the patios, that some of the units are already occupied!

Out of the three, two buildings are still under construction.

Alta Alameda will have a total of 338 units and all phases will be complete in early 2014. Given its close proximity to the Alameda light rail station, this is a great start to a transit-oriented urban pocket just outside of Downtown Denver!