Just in case you weren’t entirely convinced from our last update that the 2785 Speer project was back and fully under construction, this update should change your mind! When we visited this site back in June, a lot of earth moving was taking place and there were still piles of rubble around the site from the previous buildings. However, there was no sign of vertical construction.

Fast forwarding to present day, a real construction fence now wraps around the site, a tower crane is up, and concrete pouring has begun for the foundation and the first floor.


Because of the very large site 2785 Speer is taking, two blocks, an additional tower crane will be needed. On site, there is a base for a second tower crane which we should see go up very soon! When is the last time you have seen a tower crane, let alone two tower cranes, along the west side of Speer Boulevard?


The 325-unit 2785 Speer project is one of the first high density urban developments along this stretch of Speer Boulevard and I am very excited to see what kind of impact these two buildings will have. The estimated completion date for this project is around this time next year.