The Central Platte Valley is filling up quickly with yet another huge, fenced off, empty lot going away soon. Just after completion of AMLI Riverfront, AMLI is now planning a second project, named AMLI Riverfront Green, just down the street.

First, we will start off with a satellite view with the site outlined. This is one of the last two parcels that will end up completing the Riverfront Park master plan.


Yes, this is the lot right in front of Glass House that has seemingly always had a tall fence surrounding it. Have you ever wondered what is over the fence? Luckily I can show you with some aerials I took of it this last spring!

2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenAerial-02 2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenAerial-01

Designed by Studio PBA, here are some very preliminary renderings of AMLI Riverfront Green thanks to Denver’s Planning Board website. Remember, these renderings are more for massing and scale than design aesthetics.

Rising seven-stories, this project will provide 304 apartment units over 358 parking spaces. It is reported in the review documents that a brick facade will be used extensively throughout the project.

2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenRendering-03 2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenRendering-02

The main seven-story structure will be set back to four-stories along Little Raven Street to ease the transition from Commons Park to the neighborhood.

 2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenRendering-01 2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenRendering-04

2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenRendering-05 2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenRendering-06

The parking ramps will be located on 18th Street, adjacent to the Manhattan Lofts, which will help steer traffic away from Commons Park. The garage itself will be located in the center of the project with apartments wrapping around it.

2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenRendering-07 2015-07-31_AMLIRivGreenRendering-08

The construction time-frame is still unknown but this project is currently going through the city’s approval process. We will keep you updated as we get more information.