It takes a while to dig a hole 30 feet deep covering an area the size of a football field. But the workers at The Confluence site have been going at it hard for about six months and they are almost finished excavating the whole site and installing the shoring walls. The 34-story apartment tower will have three levels of underground parking that covers the entire property. The building footprint, however, will cover only about half of the site with the rest as landscaped grounds that will tie in nicely with neighboring Confluence Park. Let’s take a look!

Here’s the side closest to Cherry Creek where support columns for the next level up are already being installed:


At the other end along 15th Street, the excavation is nearly complete:


How about one shot that takes in the whole site? You got it! Click to expandicate:


What’s this? Two tower cranes? Yes indeed; the second tower crane went up a few days ago!



We’ll check in again at The Confluence in a few months when the tower starts to rise above street level.