At the corner of First Avenue and Saint Paul Street stands the second new office building Cherry Creek has seen this decade. Wrapped in glass and masonry, the 8-story, 149,000 square foot office building is open for business and makes a huge impact in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood.

Announced back in 2013, DenverInfill has visited this project four times. Check out its history below:

New Cherry Creek Project: 100 Saint Paul

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #1

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #2

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #3

Cherry Creek: 100 Saint Paul Update #4

Developed by The Pauls Corporation, 100 Saint Paul is another Cherry Creek project that is built up to the maximum allowed height for this parcel. Along with some great density, 14,000 square feet of retail line Saint Paul Street with 450 parking spaces below ground.

2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-01 2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-02

Here are some closer views of the street level and ground floor retail.

2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-03 2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-04

Let’s take a quick peek into the past. In 2013, a single story Firstbank branch stood on this prominent intersection.


Fast forward to 2015, the new 100 Saint Paul features deep blue glass curtain walls, outdoor space on the top floor, and a rotunda that starts on the ground level and climbs up the whole building. I think we can all agree that this is a huge improvement!

2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-06 2015-11-02_100SaintPaul-05

The back side of the building is a little more simple with hopes it will be covered up with more high density development across the way.


Here is one last shot of the project. The north side of First Avenue has a very prominent street wall, which 100 Saint Paul helps complete. Behind it is the 12-story 1st and Steele Apartments, which is still under construction.


As Cherry Creek keeps on booming, I am sure we will see a lot more sleek, glassy buildings in the near future! Welcome to the neighborhood 100 Saint Paul!