Three months ago, Skyhouse Denver was just peeking above the ground, beginning to make a statement at 10 stories. Fast forward to present day, the structure height has doubled with the glassy facade following directly behind. Let’s take a look!

We all know that Upper Downtown is riddled with a giant sea of surface parking creating Downtown Denver’s largest no-man’s-land. Back in 2008, One Lincoln Park started to break the mold with a 32-story condo tower providing 177 units. Now, seven years later, Skyhouse takes up another large surface parking lot.

With only two more stories to go, this project is starting to make quite the impact. With the 1970’s and 1980’s architecture surrounding Skyhouse, we can surely appreciate a refreshed, modern design in this district.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-01 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-02

The facade is composed of blue/aquamarine glass which has only been seen on two other residential buildings here in Denver: Glass House and The Spire.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-03 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-06

Looking at the project from above, you can see that excavation for the detached parking structure has begun. If this follows the other Skyhouse projects around the country, the precast parking structures go up fairly quick.

2015-11-12_Skyhouse-04 2015-11-12_Skyhouse-05

So what about the Broadway street level? I think we can all agree this makes a great difference.


Skyhouse Denver will be topping out within the next few weeks. The rooftop will be set back from the main structure and will have some interesting architectural features. Head on over to our announcement post for a rendering refresher!