Back in December 2014, we provided some renderings of a project going up on the triangular parcel bound by Speer Boulevard, 6th Avenue and Grant Street. We didn’t have any posts of the construction progress as some projects slip through the cracks, with all of the infill going on, but today we are going to take a look at the completed project.

The Speer Boulevard Apartments, now known as Gables Speer Boulevard, features 211 apartment units contained in a six story building. Because of the triangle shaped lot, this project has some neat perspectives. On one side of the street, the building looks very slender and comes together on the corner. Across the street, you get the full picture and see that it runs up to the property line on both Grant and Speer Boulevard.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-04 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-03

The facade is made up of dark paneling, stucco, and brick broken up throughout the project. It looks very balanced and the neutral colors compliment each other nicely.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-01 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-02

Here is one last street level perspective looking southeast along Speer Boulevard.

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-07 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-08

We don’t get a lot of new projects along the Cherry Creek River but it’s always neat when we can use it as a foreground for infill photos!

2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-06 2016-06-11_SpeerBlvdApartments-05

In my opinion, this project looks sharp. The colors are neutral, with both light and dark elements, it has clean lines, and features a very balanced facade. I would take this project over the gas station that used to sit here!