Today, we are going to check out the two tallest towers going up in the entire Denver metro area: The Confluence and 1144 Fifteenth. We are going to start the day off with The Confluence, a 34-story 288-unit apartment tower.

Since our last update, announcing that the tower was halfway up, The Confluence has gone up eight stories bringing it to a total of 25 stories. That means this project still has nine stories plus a mechanical penthouse to go!

2016-09-16_theconfluence-04 2016-09-16_theconfluence-03

Along with the tower structure, the facade is also steadily climbing. We now have a good idea of what the completed tower is going to look like. Don’t worry, the orange is temporary and is just the first layer to the grey paneling.

2016-09-16_theconfluence-01 2016-09-16_theconfluence-02

Ken has a wonderful view of The Confluence going up. Thanks for the awesome photos Ken!

2016-09-15_confluenceken-01 2016-09-15_confluenceken-02

Last but not least, here is a panoramic view we haven’t posted in a very long time. From Diamond Hill Overlook, this tower makes a huge impact. The panorama is also very large, so make sure you click to embiggen.


Next up, 1144 Fifteenth!