The twin 30-story Country Club Towers are making great progress. Our last update showcased the new glass going in. Now, the towers are taller and the glass keeps climbing up.

Here are two close-up shots of the West Tower, which is now 24-stories up.

2016-10-18_cct-04 2016-10-18_cct-05

Glass is also now starting to go up on the East tower, currently 16-stories up.


From the north, here are a couple of photos from the neighborhood. As we’ve mentioned before, it is a little difficult to capture this project since it is tucked away in an already dense neighborhood.

2016-10-18_cct-01 2016-10-18_cct-02

However, this is where the drone comes in handy. We can see the huge impact these towers are staring to make. Also, Denver’s tree canopy looks pretty stellar from this angle.


When I took these photos over the weekend, workers were jumping the tower crane for the west tower. Present day, the tower crane is much taller!