Sometimes good things come in small packages, and that’s the case with 1510 Market, the proposed four-story addition to the historic Rocky Mountain Seed Building with a footprint of only 5,000 square feet. The project sits at a corner making it twice as valuable from an urban design perspective, as the new structure will complete the street wall along two block faces and provide pedestrians with something interesting to experience rather than the dreary void of a surface parking lot.

We’re happy to report that 1510 Market is moving into the construction phase. The lot is now fenced off and the accoutrement that serviced the site’s use as a storage space for cars have been removed.

Construction on the building will begin soon, with structural elements rising in early 2017. For more details, check out our previous posts on this project.

From an imposing 40-story tower to a more modest 4-story building like 1510 Market, the repair of Downtown Denver’s urban fabric continues.