It’s that time again! There are a lot of tower cranes up around Central Denver and we went around in the chilly weather to count them all. Back in the spring, we mentioned that the number of cranes currently up (23) was probably the maximum Denver was going to see for the year. Contrary to what we said, there are now more than 23 tower cranes in Central Denver. Before we get to it, here is a small disclaimer:

This census is for tower cranes only. The self-erecting cranes (cranes without a ladder mast or cab) on smaller builds are not counted.

Let the count commence! Tower crane number One belongs to The Confluence. This one will be taken down fairly soon now that the project is topped out. Number Two and Three are fairly new to the area helping build AMLI Riverfront Green and The Parkside Apartments.

Tower cranes Four and Five are hanging above Platte Street for Riverview at 1700 Platte. Six and Seven are helping build 16 Chestnut, filling in one of the last empty parcels in Union Station. Eight and Nine contribute to the awesome crane cluster in Union Station towering above 1709 Chestnut.

Number Ten belongs to Union Denver, formally known as Pivot. Tower crane Eleven is the fifth tallest structure in Denver, towering near Tuba Christmas and rising quickly with 1144 Fifteenth. Twelve and Thirteen are tucked away in Central Downtown at 999 17th Street.

Fourteen and Fifteen are helping urbanize Arapahoe Square towering above Alexan 20th Street Station and Alexan Arapahoe Square. Sixteen is high above the Welton Corridor belonging to The Lydian. I completely forgot to take a current photo of this one but I assure you it’s there. Seventeen is building Alexan LoHi.

Eighteen is still up in the West Highlands at the Alexan West Highlands site. In Berkeley, number Nineteen will be taken down soon at Tennyson Place. Heading over to River North, number Twenty is helping build the Industry Apartments.

The Source Hotel + Market Hall features number Twenty-One. Jumping around, number Twenty-Two recently went up at the Gables Cherry Creek II site. A veteran tower crane is still up at Alexan Cherry Creek bringing the count to Twenty-Three.

Cherry Creek has an ample collection of tower cranes. Twenty-Four belongs to the Rollnick Hotel with Twenty-Five above Civica Cherry Creek. Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven are towering high above the Speer neighborhood and belong to the twin 30-story Country Club Towers.

Heading to the edges of DenverInfill’s territory, green Italian tower cranes Twenty-Eight and Twenty-Nine are high above University Boulevard building 2450 South University, a project we have yet to cover. Number Thirty belongs to 2270 South University Boulevard, another project we have yet to cover. Last but not least, Thirty-One is up at the 9th and Colorado redevelopment.

There you have it. Thirty-One tower cranes. Who knows, maybe that number will increase by our next census!

EDIT – 12/19/2016 – 11:09am: A reader pointed out that we missed one tower crane at 10th and Osage in Lincoln Park. We verified that it meets the criteria bringing the total count to Thirty-Two! We have also added the pin to the map below.

Feel free to interact with the map below where we charted out all of the tower cranes we featured in this post. Click on a pin to view the name of the project.