Shortly after our project update in December, featuring new renderings, the 18-story, 329-unit, 21st and Welton apartments have broken ground and are making swift progress.

Let’s start out with a ground level panorama of the project. As you can see, heavy construction equipment has been moved to the project site. In addition, the surface parking lot has been stripped away and drilling for the foundation is currently underway.

The north side of Welton Street, especially between 21st and 24th Street, is experiencing a very large amount of construction. What have been surface parking lots for many years will soon become a continuous street wall for three continuous blocks.

Since minimal underground work needs to be done, this project, along with its neighbor Alexan Arapahoe Square, should go vertical fairly quick. Below are two views of the 21st and Welton project from above.

We have a handful of infill updates coming your way this week including another project that’s starting to go vertical in Arapahoe Square. Stay tuned!