Since our last update in October 2016, a lot has happened over at The Confluence project. Today, we are going to take an in depth tour and explore many different perspectives around the project site.

The tower has topped out at 34 stories, and the tower crane has since been taken down. The south side of the tower, the left side in the pictures below, features an all-glass facade which is quickly making its way up to the top. The grey metal paneling has also started to make its way up, going over the orange insulation and weatherproofing material.

Continuing around the tower, the western portion is starting to shape up with both the glass and paneling making great progress.

The Confluence takes many different shapes when viewed from varying directions. When viewed from Commons Park, you can see a lot of the tower’s features including a slender profile, setbacks and the illusion of a curved roof-line. The six-story portion of this project is also visible from this perspective.

Speaking of the six-story portion of the project, here are two photos of the attached building at street level. This building is nearly complete with the exception of balcony railings and a few panels.

The “bridge” between the tower and low-rise building will also feature residences on the first four floors. The roof of the “bridge” will also hold a rooftop pool and garden.

As far as the units go, the first 25 stories of the tower will contain studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. The top nine floors, 29 through 34, will feature large penthouse units with direct elevator access and upgraded finishes. The Confluence is expected to be complete later this year.