Since our last update almost five months ago, the Country Club Towers have been making great progress and are looking more complete as each day goes on. Before we get on with the update, we have a minor correction to make. In all of our previous posts, we mentioned that the towers were twin 30-story towers when in fact the highest occupied floor is at 32 stories, not including the mechanical penthouse. With that being said, let’s get on to the update and take a tour of the project.

Starting out with some aerials, here are three different elevations looking at the project from the southeast. In these photos, you cannot see the gap between the two towers; however, since the east and west tower are both topped out, you can get a sense of their overall height.

Heading down to the street level, we are going to look at the towers up close and from around the surrounding neighborhood.

Below are street level views from both Downing and Marion Street.

The main entrance to the towers is near completion. This entrance / driveway will be used for garage access, for both vehicle and bicycle, and also contains the main doors for pedestrian access.

Next up, let’s take a close look at the podium starting with two perspectives from Downing Street. The podium integrates some of the original Country Club Gardens structures, with the new structure following the original structure brick pattern.

When up close to the podium, you can see exactly what we mentioned above. The new podium is purposefully made to look like the original Country Club Gardens structures.

A few of you by now might be asking what is with the light blue and orange material between the windows. This is weather proofing material for the white paneling going in between the glass facade. The photos below give a good before-and-after with the completed paneling on the west tower, the right tower in the photos below.

The 558-unit Country Club Towers are currently pre-leasing with the first residents expected to move in later this summer. To think, it was only just over a year ago that the podium was barely taking off.