The CDOT Headquarters, located by the Federal Decatur lightrail station in Sun Valley, is making quick progress. As a refresher, this five-story building will contain 175,000 square feet of office space housing both CDOT’s statewide headquarters as well as its Region 1 Office, for the Denver metro area.

The main structure for the building is all prefabricated offsite so when the pieces arrive at the project site, they just have to get placed in the right spot. We saw the same construction process over at Denver Health.

When looking back at the renderings, there will be facade treatments on the side of the building that will add some color and texture. In addition, the parking structure, which will be used for the office building and stadium events, will soon be underway as the office structure is nearly complete.

Completion for this building is slated for early 2018, making the build time for the entire project just over a year.