The apartments at 17th Avenue and Pearl Street are now officially under construction. Back in July, we announced the project and provided details about how the 10-story apartment building was going to be integrated with the two historic buildings along 17th Avenue. Head on over to that post for a refresher.

Currently, there is a very large hole in the ground that will house the underground parking for the apartment building. It appears that the project has “bottomed-out” so we should start to see the foundation, and possibly a crane or two go in.

The historic Tavern building has been left intact and will be incorporated into the project. The smaller retail building next door has been completely gutted but the facade has been preserved and will also be incorporated into the new project. We have a very unique view of the wall right now as its standing on its own with a clear view of the project site behind it. In the third photo, you can see the back side of the Tavern and free-standing wall.

New infill and historic preservation is a huge win for the neighborhood. We will revisit this project as soon as it starts going vertical.