The 16th and Humboldt Apartments, now (fittingly) named the Economist, have been making great progress since our announcement back in June 2017. As a quick refresher, this five-story project will contain 100 apartment homes, that will average 325 square feet each, and will have no on-site parking.

The project has been topped out for a while and some of the facade elements starting to appear around the building. Here are two current photos from the north side of the project.

The Economist Looking West
The Economist Looking Southeast

Swinging around to the side facing Park Avenue, you can see that there is a clear split between the two building sections. The unique bronze paneling around the windows is starting to show however, there are no signs of the dark brick facade going up just yet.

The Economist Looking Straight On
The Economist Looking North

Completion of The Economist is just around the corner as residents should start moving in around the summertime.