Over in River North, the Zeppelin Station project is now complete and open for business. The new four-story building features 80,000 square feet of office space and 20,000 square feet of retail, which is anchored by a market hall. In this final update, we will be exploring both the exterior and interior of Zeppelin Station. For all of DenverInfill’s coverage on this project, head on over to the link below:

Zeppelin Station Post History

Let’s start the final update with a view of the project from the railroad tracks and the 35th/36th Street Pedestrian Bridge. Zeppelin Station has a unique, modern design with a bright red accent. This makes it stand out in the area given it is surrounded by mostly warehouses and historic brick buildings.

Most of the building’s mass, including the parking structure, faces the railroad tracks. When you walk around towards the front, along 35th Street, the building unfolds into something completely different. Each floor has its own setback, going farther back as you get higher. In addition, an ample amount of outdoor space is featured on floors two through four.

The ground floor has a large open-air patio for the market hall, valet parking pickup, and a smaller covered patio towards Wazee Street. The red accent theme continues around the ground floor and includes a red line leading to the inside of the building.

Upon following the red line into the building, you are greeted with a large, open market hall with stores, restaurants, and bars. To navigate around, there are multiple colored lines and a map to guide you around. Because Zeppelin Station is right next to the tracks, everything is transit themed, which is great for transit geeks like us.

The ground floor of the market hall already has multiple retailers and a bar, and features a real-time transit schedule on a large monitor. At the moment, all of the open retailers are geared towards food and drink; however, there is a RiNo Made store underway and will open soon.

In addition to the open seating on the first floor, the market hall contains a second floor where there is an ample seating and another bar.

Zeppelin Station is the main feature you see when heading north over the 35th/36th Pedestrian bridge, and with great plans coming for 35th Street, this will be a very successful corner. Welcome to River North, Zeppelin Station!