Holland Partner Group, the developers of projects such as Union Denver and The Platform, recently purchased a large parcel in the Baker neighborhood that faces Broadway. Currently, this site is very underutilized with a single story credit union branch surrounded by a significant amount of surface parking. Holland Partner Group will develop the entire parcel with a mixed-use apartment and retail project. To orient yourself, below is an aerial with the project site outlined.

The Security Service Credit Union and all surface parking will be eradicated to make way for this new project. Here are a couple of photos of the existing building along Broadway. One great amenity of this project site is the abundance of mature street trees along the sidewalks.

From the back of the site, between West Bayaud Avenue and Archer Place, there is a large very surface parking lot that takes up around three quarters of the entire site.

The new 3-story building will feature 238 apartment units along with 13,200 square feet of retail space along Broadway. Not only does this help complete a great street-wall along Broadway, it contributes to the already abundant retail scene in this area, and nicely fits in the context of the neighborhood. The amount of parking is currently unknown but there will be 26 spaces dedicated for the retail portion. Below is a rendering courtesy of Holland Partner Group.

99 South Broadway is expected to start any day and should be complete by early next year. In addition to this project, Baker is experiencing an uptick in development which we will be covering over the next week or so.