Over by Riverfront Park, in the Central Platte Valley, AMLI Riverfont Green is starting to show its true colors. A good portion of Riverfront Green’s facade is made up of glazed bricks adding a splash of color to all corners of the building.

The glazed brick comes in many different colors, with the most notable being yellow and green. The brick looks pretty sharp and isn’t as vibrant as the EFIS facades we have seen on multiple projects. Here are two photos of the building from 18th Street.

Heading over to the south side of the project, you will notice that the project doesn’t come up all the way to the street. A small piece of land will be left over, hence why there is a blank wall. Future development for the small parcel is still unknown.

Last but not least, here is one more view from Riverfront Park.

With AMLI Riverfront Green starting to enter its final stages of construction, we will be back to visit it once its complete.