The Market Station project site is buzzing with activity as construction is in full swing for this massive development. With excavation complete, the first columns for the underground levels are starting to go up. In the first few updates, we featured the conceptual renderings for this project as it went through design review, but we never had a full look at what Market Station is truly going to look like. Recently, Continuum Partners, the developers of Market Station, released this awesome flyover video of the project. This video goes around every corner of the block and through the activated alley.

Back in April, we mentioned that a new tower crane was erected at Market Station, so lets start out by taking a closer look at the tower crane at the project site.

The site was very busy over the weekend with multiple concrete pours taking place around the project. In addition to the concrete pumps on the ground, the tower crane was also in use lifting and holding buckets of concrete to pour the underground columns.

Market Station is such an exciting project as it fills in one of the largest gaps along the 16th Street Mall. We will swing back around once the project goes vertical above the street level.