The Renaissance Downtown Lofts, over on Broadway and Stout near 21st Street, are now complete. This project was built by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and provides 101-units of transitional housing. Not only does it provide essential housing for the Downtown Denver area, it replaced an abandoned bank drive-thru building that was an eyesore for many years.

DenverInfill visited this project five times, covering the announcement and almost all stages of construction. Head on over to our post history to check it out.

The Renaissance Downtown lofts rise a total of six-stories, with apartments on floors 2-6. The ground floor contains 7,000 square feet of lobby, administrative offices, and support functions for the tenants. Here are two views of the project along Broadway.

The historic Carson Press building next door had a fence around it during the construction of this project, but it remained untouched. It was never intended to be integrated with this project and was perhaps used for temporary construction offices. The second floor of the Renaissance Downtown Lofts also contains a sizable amount of outdoor space.

This is a great project as it replaces a very underutilized building and surface parking lot while providing homes for lower-income residents.