Staying in Cherry Creek, let’s head over to East 2nd Avenue and Saint Paul to check in on 255 Saint Paul, an 84-unit apartment building that will provide an outstanding 42,000 square feet of ground floor retail.

Both sections of the building have topped out with the brick facade starting to show. Because of the zoning, the building is seven-stories towards 2nd Avenue and steps down to four-stories towards 3rd Avenue. This gives the project some great setbacks that allow for large terraces. Below are two photos of the taller section.

The step-down in height gives us a much more interesting project than a half-block long, seven-story building. Here are three more pictures of 255 Saint Paul from East 3rd Avenue.

As its neighbor, 210 Saint Paul, is close to finishing, 255 Saint Paul is not far behind with anticipated completion in November.