The York, a large apartment building bordering City Park, is now complete. Not only does The York provide 212-units of housing, it replaced a block long stretch of single-story office, and industrial buildings along with a couple surface parking lots mixed in. Construction started back in 2015 with work wrapping up earlier this year. We only visited this project a couple times during its construction but feel free to check out our update history below:

The York Post History

At first glance, The York resembles its neighbor down the street, One City Block; arguably one of the best looking apartment projects in recent years. The almost all brick facade, broken up massing, and chamfered edge really make this project stand out. Additionally, it has all underground parking, providing 237 spaces, so everything above ground is residential use.

Before we continue, here are three more photos of the chamfered edge, and brick detailing.

The York does not contain any ground floor retail however, its ground floor presence is still a positive experience to the pedestrian. The garage entrance is also along York, instead of the alley, which is an interesting choice of location given the high volume of traffic on this street.

This project features three amenity decks, two facing York Street and the other facing the alley, which is not pictured below.

The York is doing great as there are only 25 units left available to rent. Welcome to City Park West, The York!