Holland Partner Group has wrapped up construction of 1880 Little Raven, a 161-home development in the Riverfront Park area of the Central Platte Valley, so it’s time for our final update on the project. For our previous posts on 1880 Little Raven (previously Parkside Apartments), click here.

Here is an overview photo of 1880 Little Raven, situated at the corner of 19th and Little Raven diagonally across the intersection from the Denver Skate Park, plus a shot looking up 19th Street toward Union Station and Central Downtown:

View of 1880 Little Raven from the Denver Skate Park at 19th and Little Raven
Side view of 1880 Little Raven looking down 19th Street

The development consists of a seven-story building in the back of the lot, stepping down to a four-story building along Little Raven. The corner features the building’s main entry and a lot of glass:

Main entry of 1880 Little Raven at the corner
Main entry of 1880 Little Raven at the corner
Main entry of 1880 Little Raven at the corner

Along Little Raven, walk-up units include outdoor patios and plenty of landscaping. The mature street trees in the tree lawn along Little Raven add to the pleasant pedestrian experience:

1880 Little Raven's streetscape

Between 1880 Little Raven and The Brownstones at Riverfront Park, a landscaped pedestrian walkway provides access to the project’s interior courtyard and the seven-story building in the back:

1880 Little Raven looking north toward 19th Street

Welcome to Downtown Denver, 1880 Little Raven!