The twin 32-story Country Club Towers, located just south of Speer Boulevard and South Downing Street, are now complete. These towers provide an immense amount of density with a total count of 558 apartments. Even though the construction itself was just under three years, the Country Club Towers have a long history of over 15 years to get to where they are today. We have all the details and milestones of this project in our announcement post. When this project finally got off the ground, DenverInfill visited it a total of eight times. Our entire post history can be viewed by following the link below:

Country Club Towers Post History

The twin towers are the second and third towers in the Country Club Towers and Gardens complex. The original gardens and low-rise apartment buildings were constructed in 1940, with the first tower completed in 1987; Towers Two and Three are the final development in this complex. Here they are from Marion and Downing Street. For reference, Tower One is the white tower on the left of the new towers.

Towers Two and Three feature a modern facade with both a glass curtain wall and light white and grey paneling. Each tower also features a setback, getting thinner towards the upper floors.

The main access point for all three towers is just north of South Corona Street and East Bayaud Avenue. The existing base and parking for Tower One is to the west with access to Towers Two and Three straight ahead.

In addition to the parking access east of the main entrance, the garage can also be accessed along Downing Street. Even though this project provides 1,005 structured parking spaces, for a ratio of 1.8:1, parking is not included in the base rent. This is a plus for those living car free as parking is not factored into their rent automatically.

Here are a few more photos of the base and podium. The brickwork matches the style of the original Country Club Gardens apartment buildings. A small plaza in the middle of the driveway ties in all three towers and the historic Norman Condominiums building.

Work on the north side of the base is wrapping up as the remaining historic apartment buildings are getting integrated with the new towers.

Two of the historic buildings along the gardens are currently undergoing renovations. Between them, there is an additional entrance to Towers Two and Three.

Let’s wrap up with two aerials of the towers from looking from both the north and south.

That’s a wrap on our final update! Welcome to Denver, Country Club Towers!