Our Update #12 on 999 17th Street—now known as Prism—was only three months ago, but this project is so fun to watch go up (and photograph) that we’re back already with another post.

Last time, glass was going up on the pragmatic Curtis Street side of the building. Now, it’s the prismatic 17th Street side getting the glass. Let’s take a look!

View up 17th Street:

View of Prism looking up 17th Street

Next we have closeups of the 17th Street facade with five diagonal folds that create six angled reflecting planes:

Folded glass curtain wall of Prism's 17th Street facade

Finally, a shot looking down 17th Street with the historic Railway Exchange Building (Hotel Monaco) to our right:

View of Prism looking down 17th Street toward Lower Downtown

Our next update on Prism may be our last as the project is scheduled to open in January 2019.