A new eight-story apartment building is under construction in the Speer neighborhood! Developed by Holland Partner Group, 355 Logan will eventually provide 171 homes in 2020 and is located right next to another eight-story residential project, Modera West Wash Park. To orient yourself, here is a map with the project site outlined.

As we stated above, the project is already under construction so lets take a look around the project site. A tower crane has been installed, and underground work has commenced.

Only a section of an alley separate this project and its neighbor. Below is a picture showing the close proximity of the fences; Modera West Wash Park is on the left, 355 Logan is on the right. Once both projects are complete, this will become a thriving, dense block in the neighborhood.

Finally, let’s get to some renderings. Courtesy of Davis Partnership Architects, the project architect, here are two views of 355 Logan. The project has a tasteful two-story step-down to the south with neighboring single family homes across the street.

With construction already underway, 355 Logan should be complete in the first half of 2020.