Construction for The Economist is now complete with residents starting to occupy the units. This project is unique as it features 100 new high-efficiency units with no on-site parking. This kept the overall cost of the project down, and provides a cost-effective option for those who want to live in a downtown neighborhood while embracing an affordable and efficient lifestyle. Before we begin with the photos, follow the link below to check out our previous posts on this project.

The Economist Post History

The Economist features a stark black facade with copper accents around the windows with a vibrant, colorful filling in the middle. Here are three straight on views of The Economist from both the front and the back.

Having two separate buildings maximizes the efficiency of the project site, by allowing more micro units, and adds a nice light-well and outdoor space for the tenants. There are two separate lobbies for the buildings. The south lobby, pictured below, is complete, while the north lobby, which will feature a large community room, is still under construction.

Let’s go on a little tour of the inside. The average unit size is approximately 325 square feet; however, every unit features uniquely tall ceilings and very efficient layouts.

Every kitchen features full-size appliances, including a washer and dryer. The tall ceilings allow for storage above the kitchen area, and give the residents an opportunity to get creative with their vertical space, such as adding a lofted bed. In addition to all of that, a full-size, enclosed bathroom, not pictured below, is also included with a lofted area above the bathroom that can fit a queen size mattress.

The north building features a rooftop deck with grills, outdoor seating, and stunning views of Downtown Denver and the mountains. Below is a panorama of the view. Click here for a high-resolution version.

The Economist sits on a rich transit corridor, and residents are embracing just that. Off-site parking is offered at a nearby lot; however, only 8% of the residents are utilizing the offered parking. The landscaping around this project contributes nicely to the pedestrian environment.

As far as retail goes, a small neighborhood bar is going to occupy part of the ground floor along East 16th Avenue.

Let’s wrap up with a few more exterior photos of the project.

Welcome to Downtown Denver, The Economist!