Broadstone Uptown West is an eight-story apartment development proposed by Alliance Residential for the southwest corner of 18th Avenue and Marion Street. Located in the City Park West neighborhood just south of the Saint Joseph Hospital campus, the project is across Marion Street from Broadstone Uptown, a companion project also proposed by Alliance, which purchased both corner lots in early November 2018 according to a recent BusinessDen article.

The site for the proposed Broadstone Uptown West apartments is outlined below on a Google Earth aerial.

Broadstone Uptown West site location, base aerial courtesy of Google Earth

A site development plan for Broadstone Uptown West showing a total of 107 units and 108 underground parking spaces was submitted in February 2018. A building permit application, however, has not yet been filed with the city planning office. Broadstone Uptown next door is further along in the development process, with its building permit application already well into its review. Therefore, Broadstone Uptown West will likely follow its neighbor as “phase two” of Alliance Residential’s plans to bring more housing options to the neighborhood.

The conceptual rendering below is courtesy of Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects and should be considered as preliminary and subject to change.

The 20,230 square foot parcel is currently vacant, although within the past year or so the 16,000 square foot structure that formerly occupied the site was razed. Here is a Google Street View image dated September 2017 that shows the nondescript office building that once stood at this location.

September 2017 Google Streetview image of the proposed Broadstone Uptown West site

Below we have some recent photos of the site. In the last image, we can see both the Broadstone Uptown West site (behind the chain-link fence) and the Broadstone Uptown site across Marion Street in the background.

Broadstone Uptown West site at southwest corner of Marion and East 18th Avenue
Broadstone Uptown West site looking west
Broadstone Uptown West site looking east

The overall development schedule for Broadstone Uptown West has not yet been released.