It’s winter so that means it is time again to examine the state of our future skyline. As a reminder, the buildings have been color-coded to match our DenverInfill Project Map, where yellow is residential, orange is office, red is hotel, and blue is civic/other. Mixed-use is indicated by a combination of these colors. Completed buildings, for which Google has not yet added their own models, are colored gray.

Unfortunately, some projects featured in previous posts are no longer alive, most notably 650 17th Street, which would have been Denver’s new tallest. However, the projects proposed over the past six months more than make up for it. Let’s take a look at their impact on our city, starting first with some overviews of North Capitol Hill, Downtown, and Arapahoe Square.

Next up, let’s zoom in to one of the most exciting projects recently proposed; The 18th and Glenarm Condos. These twin 32 and 38 story towers will take a big chuck out of the most parking lot infested area of the central business district. Its impact on both street level and the skyline will be significant and will do a great deal to chip away at the black hole that is this part of downtown. Hopefully it inspires other proposals in the vicinity that will eventually fill in this emptiness between downtown and the adjacent neighborhoods.

Several new projects have been proposed for Civic Center, Speer, and Baker, as well as the River North and Sunnyside neighborhoods. Take a look in the two images below.

Now let’s head over to Highland and Jefferson Park. The largest proposal is at 26th and Alcott, whose 642 homes would rise fifteen stories and have a substantial visual impact on the skyline in this part of town, especially from where Speer crosses I-25. Given the abundance of surface lots in this area, it is possible we could see it turn into a substantial urban center.

To wrap things up here are the latest proposals for Cherry Creek as well as a close up of the Lakehouse Tower at Sloan’s Lake.

That’s it for this round folks. A lot of new projects have been proposed and many that have been featured here for quite some time have finally broken ground. This year, we have also seen the build out of the Union Station redevelopment near its end. In 2019, we will see other parts of downtown transform with projects like Market Station, Colorado Rockies Mixed Use, and Block 162. DenverInfill will continue covering this progress along with proposals and groundbreakings. Hopefully all this great infill activity will sustain its pace in the coming year. We will check in with our next update this summer!