Back in December, we reported that the unoccupied Kmart building at Broadway Marketplace had been fully demolished with the project site ready for construction. A few short months later, the construction site is bustling with activity with vertical work already taking place.

In addition to the vertical progress, a new tower crane has also been erected in the middle of the project site. Here are a couple recent photos from Alameda Avenue. Because there is minimal underground work taking place with this project, the vertical columns for the first floor are already in place.

PDG Design District Cherokee & Alameda
PDG Design District Along Alameda

Next up, here is an aerial of the project site. As we mentioned in the previous update of this project, the small parcel directly to the south of PDG Design District is reserved for another residential project.

PDG Design District Aerial

When we first announced this project, the rendering was a bit muddy, so here is a new higher resolution rendering, courtesy of Kephart, where you can see some of the finer details of the building.

PDG Design District Rendering

Even though the Broadway Marketplace area is littered with surface parking lots, this is a great first step to redeveloping the area; especially with this project being under a block away from the Alameda light-rail station!