Back in May 2017, we announced a new twin-tower project that would eradicate a significant surface parking lot, located at 1901 Arapahoe Street, in Central Downtown. That project has since fallen through the cracks with a new proposal in its place.

Before we get to the details of the new project, here is a refresher of the project site at 1901 Arapahoe along with what it looks like present day.

The new proposal, dubbed “Love This City Tower”, will rise a total of 40 stories and contain a great amount of retail along the ground and fifth floor of the podium. According to BusinessDen, the tower will contain 1,253 apartment units that average 510 square feet. However, the developer is still uncertain of the breakdown and may incorporate a hotel into the tower as well.

Even though there are not an ample amount of details on this project, the developer has created a website with renderings. Here is a rendering of the tower courtesy of their website.

Love This City Tower - Rendering

With exact details and square footage unknown, there are also renderings of the ground and fifth floor retail. The ground floor appears to feature a market hall, which is a popular trend with The Source, Dairy Block, and Denver Central Market. The fifth-floor retail appears to be open air with a very eclectic ceiling.

Love This City Tower - Retail Rendering
Love This City Tower - Retail Rendering

Currently, there are no documents filed with the city for this tower, so it is still in the very early concept stages. We will keep you in the loop as more information becomes available.