Downtown Denver’s newest office tower is starting to peek above its surroundings and beginning to make quite the statement along the 15th Street corridor.  As a quick refresher, Block 162 will be a 30-story all-glass office tower that will provide Downtown Denver with 600,000 square feet of office space along with 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail.

Let’s start the update with a couple views of Block 162 looking southwest. The concrete podium is now eight floors up with two more to go. The cores show exactly where the podium ends and the office tower begins. When the structure lines up with the larger holes in the primary core, the concrete structure will transition to steel.

Block 162 - Above California Street
Block 162 - Looking Down California Street

Moving closer in along California Street and down 15th Street, here are a few more detailed photos of the podium. As expected in this phase of construction, no facade elements have been introduced quite yet. The north top slewing crane was recently jumped and, given the height of the podium, the luffing jib crane will probably be jumped soon.

Block 162 - Mid block California Street
Block 162 - 15th and Welton
Block 162 - Looking Down 15th Street

Block 162 has been making swift vertical progress over the past couple of months, especially when comparing the progress to our update in June. That being said, the podium should be topping out in the next few weeks. When the structure transitions to steel, we’ll pop in for another update.