Now that 18th and Market is out of the ground, the primary concrete structure is rising quickly. This project also sports a new name, The Fitzgerald.

Let’s jump in and look at how the progress is coming along. These pictures were taken just before the waves of snow over Thanksgiving week, so the building might be slightly taller than what’s pictured below. These two photos show the project from 18th Street both at the intersection and mid-block towards Blake Street.

18th and Market straight on
18th and Market - at 18th and Market

Moving on over to 19th Street, here are a couple more photos showing the concrete structure. Currently, it is three stories up with another seven to go.

18th and Market - at 19th and Market
18th and Market - along 19th

It’s a bit hard to see in this photo, but once complete, The Fitzgerald will add some good height and will greatly contribute to the Market Street streetwall.

18th and Market - Streetwall

It is amazing to see this much quality infill going in around Lower Downtown.