This is a quick update to Tuesday’s post on the proposed 30-story office tower by Riverside Investment & Development. First off, we relabeled this project as 1900 Lawrence because 1.) that is what the developer is calling the project and 2.) doing so helps differentiate it from the previous residential proposals on the same site that were referred to as 1901 Arapahoe.

Now to the fun part—a big rendering! Our thanks to the development team for providing DenverInfill with this high-resolution image of what 1900 Lawrence may look like. Keep in mind, this project is at the Concept Plan stage, so the design of the tower is subject to change and has not yet been approved by the city. Rendering credit goes to the project architect, Goettsch Partners.

1900 Lawrence rendering courtesy of Goettsch Partners

Additionally, here are two other images that were included in the Concept Plan document the developer filed with the city: a site plan and a massing diagram. As noted above, these images are preliminary and subject to change.

According to the Concept Plan submittal, the tower will technically have a 31st floor in the form of a mechanical penthouse, and the total building height to the top of the rooftop screen will be 428 feet. The Concept Plan also shows two retail spaces, one facing Arapahoe and one facing Lawrence, with the building lobby spanning the frontage along 19th. A large entry plaza would anchor the 19th and Lawrence corner. Vehicle access to the parking levels would be off of Lawrence and Arapahoe in the rear of the building.

Hopefully, this project will advance to the Site Development Plan stage soon.