Arapahoe Square is on the verge of receiving some great developments. While a major boom occurred around the Welton Corridor, the projects we are covering today are more to the west which also houses one of Downtown Denver’s largest parking craters.


Buell Public Media Center. This has been making great progress as most of the brick and paneling facade is now complete. Total project completion is anticipated for this summer.


X Denver 3. With multiple construction permits filed with the city, a fence around the project site, and basic utility work beginning, X Denver 3 is on the verge of breaking ground. This 22-story, 410-unit project will be the tallest project under construction in Arapahoe Square.

Evolve Towers. A site development plan was filed with the city on January 27. This is the next step in the development process as these are more detailed plans for the city to review. In addition, the 22-story point tower is up for another round of design review this month. This project will be a huge win as it will provide 314 condo units. As of this past weekend, a fence is currently around a portion of the project site.

Kenect Denver. While the parcel for Kenect is still being used for the project next door, we should have a definitive answer if this will be moving forward once the Buell Public Media Center is complete. The construction permits are filed and in process with the city as of today.

There are some great projects in the works for Arapahoe Square and we could only hope to see this momentum continue as most of this neighborhood is a blank slate for something great.