As you may have seen with our “Roundup” posts in December, we are moving to a new format for construction and final updates along with new project announcements. While this saves us an immense amount of time on the operations side of DenverInfill, this new post format will also help you, the DenverInfill reader, keep better track of projects. Each roundup post will focus on projects within a certain neighborhood and while every project in that area may not be covered in a single roundup post, it will most likely be visited on the next roundup for that neighborhood.

Today, we will be starting off with Baker which has been experiencing a good amount of growth lately. As a side note, we are catching up from all of the photos we took last month which is why this is a January roundup in February.


Neon Local. This 238-home apartment project along Broadway is coming along nicely. The structure has topped out around the entire project site with the brick and paneling beginning to go up.

PDG Design District. With the parking podium mostly complete, the light gauge steel has started to go vertical. PDG Design District will rise five stories along West Alameda Avenue and step up to seven stories towards West Dakota Avenue.

Atlantis Apartments. The Atlantis Apartments have topped out with the red brick base almost complete on the exterior. This project will serve Baker in a positive way as it will provide 60 homes for those with disabilities.


The Quayle. Providing 102 affordable housing units and 11,000 square feet of ground-floor retail, The Quayle is now complete. It’s great to see the 1st Avenue Hotel back to life with its much needed restoration.

That’s a wrap for Baker! Stay tuned for more neighborhoods coming your way this week.