In the Union Station North district tucked behind Coors Field, two related projects are currently under construction.

X Denver. Rising 12 stories, X Denver will feature 251 new apartment homes and an expansive rooftop deck. Developed by Property Markets Group, the project is located on a wedge-shaped parcel at the end of Inca and Huron streets immediately south of the railroad tracks. X Denver broke ground in late 2018 and is scheduled for completion later this year.

X Denver 2. On the parcel just south of X Denver on Inca Street is X Denver 2, also a 12-story development that will provide 204 new homes. X Denver 2 started construction in early 2020 and has risen about five stories so far.

We stopped by last weekend and took these photos of the two projects. The first six are taken from Inca Street, with the topped-off X Denver on the left and X Denver 2 on the right. The seventh image is taken from the alley in the center of the block, and the last image is taken from Huron, where only X Denver has frontage.

We’ll stop by again later this summer with an update on these two X Denver projects.