Just to the east of the two projects we recently visited in Uptown are three infill developments in City Park West—two sibling projects that are still early in the construction process and one development that has just recently been completed.

Broadstone Uptown East. Situated at the southeast corner of East 18th Avenue and Marion Street is Broadstone Uptown East, an eight-story project featuring 120 new homes and two levels of underground parking being developed by Alliance Residential. The architect is Shears Adkins Rockmore. The first of the two Alliance projects at this corner to break ground, the underground levels are finished and the building is now up one floor above grade.

Broadstone Uptown West. Located on the southwest corner of 18th and Marion is Broadstone Uptown West, an eight-story development featuring 134 homes that is several months behind its sister property to the east. Work is currently underway on the project’s two levels of underground parking. Even though both Broadstone projects include “Uptown” in their name, they are technically located within City Park West; the border with Uptown is Downing Street, located one block west of the two projects.

Park 17. Located a block south of the two Broadstone projects is Park 17, an eight-story development located on a triangular site bounded by Park Avenue, East 17th Avenue, Lafayette Street, and a short stretch of Marion Street. Developed by Kairoi Residential and designed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, Park 17 includes 190 homes and around 14,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space along 17th Avenue. The building is finished and leasing is getting underway.

We have a bunch of photos for you. First, here is the 17th Avenue side, with the first set taken from the corner at Marion and the second set taken from the corner at Lafayette.

Along Lafayette:

Finally, here is the Park Avenue side, starting at Lafayette and ending at Marion where we started our tour:

That’s a wrap on City Park West. Next, we will have a big photo update on the tallest project under construction in Downtown.

Broadstone Uptown East

Broadstone Uptown West

Park 17